If the music is too loud, you're too old.

It’s been one of those weeks.

It has been long, at times frustrating and at best, random. It was possibly the combination of a looming business presentation/never ending cough & my mothers first doctors consultation that had me roaming DCU campus in an unarguable fowler at the start of the week. Due to the weekends events, there was a large amount of arguing, apologising and discussion on Monday which put the week off to a bad start. Oh and not forgetting Flashback, (of which I’m design editor) eating itself and our poor layout editor having to start again. The week dragged on until last night when I had had enough and went home to bed instead of trying to stick out my friends 21st.

My alarm rang at 7am this morning, much to my disappointment. Why I had promised to photograph at 8am on Bull Island beach escaped my mind this morning as I peeled myself out of bed. As I poured hot water over my windscreen, only to watch it freeze again before my very eyes, I really started to question why I do these things… After the week just passed, I couldn’t help but sigh and soldier on. 

But what greeted me when I drove onto the beach made it all worthwhile. 










Bam. Not to sound like a right tosser but it felt great to be on the beach this morning and get this photo. The weeks stresses seemed minor. We had alot of fun taking the photos, despite it being minus temperatures!




Emma & Mel, cosy in the car 🙂



Coffee anyone?

Coffee anyone?




Mel, happy with coffee... Aidan, happy with life...



The frozen sand...

The frozen sand...



The didn't want to take of their hoodies... Understandably!

The didn't want to take of their hoodies... Understandably!



The finished product.

The finished product.


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  Lyndsay wrote @

Great pics! And wow to the frozen sand

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