If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Zeigeist. Doesn’t quite exactly do what it says on the tin.

“Zeigeist are a creative bunch who like to put an artistic spin on their live shows. They’ve already developed quite a name for themselves in Sweden for their combination of groovin electro-pop with wild costumes, visuals & elaborate on-stage decorations.”

Sounds great? Someone certainly knows how to sell this less that talented Swedish twosome. 

Their lead vocalist Mattias Brun says “For those who don’t know about us: we’re best described as ‘a degenerated children’s party with paint, blood, feathers and confetti, mixed with haute couture, video projections, strobes and punchy pop”.

I think Mattias has one two many swinging lightbulbs to the head. There was no blood, feathers, or video projections. This band is the definition of what two people can achieve with an audacious nature, fake tan and some face paint. Oh and an MP3 player. Firstly, for a young band, it’s not a great idea to keep your excited gig goers waiting… Zeigeist did not feel the need to appear on stage until 1.15pm, even though this gig kicked off at 11pm. 

The minute they appeared, I was impressed. Visually, I will admit, they look amazing. Mattias was sporting an impressive pair of gold shorts, fake tan and some lovely knee high socks, complimented with some artistic face paint. His accomplice, who’s name I couldn’t even be arsed with, sported an impressive quiff, one piece puff ball jumpsuit and even more beautiful eye makeup than Mattias. But that is about all I have to say on a positive note. 

Their opening song sounded great… enticing beats and killer vocals. All you’d want in a young swedish electro-pop band. And all you can get from an MP3 player…. They finally emerged from behing their, er.. impressive back drop; a white sheet. They than proceeded to sing along to an MP3 player which they had no qualms in pressing pause and play on, live on stage. Witnessing this blatant piss take, the rest of their ‘artistic’ attempts fell flat on their face.

Their dancing was like drunk pussycat dolls taking lessons from Santogolds’ live dancers… ie, edgy and whore-ish. Their ‘on-stage’ decorations comprised of one swinging lightbulb which they swung around their heads for a while. They also blew some confetti into the crowd. Well done lads.

Their sound is excellent. Yes, I said it. They have a number of very catchy, dance worthy choons… all that can be enjoyed from your home stereo system. As Joey put it, “I may aswell have been dancing around my living room.” In my opinion, musicians/bands/DJ’s etc are only as good as their live show. The DIY enjoyment is a compliment. Had these two had their music mixed live on stage, whilst actually singing the edgy vocals on their tracks, their show would have been awesome. 

These two are the definition of an amazing idea gone horribly wrong. I could very easily hop up on stage, in a jumpsuit with some fancy makeup and blow confetti into the crowd while my tracks play in the background. 

In the words of a Joseph Kavanagh, “ZeiGeist? Try SHITEGEIST.”


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  Lyndsay wrote @

Hmmm.. now I don’t feel so bad about staying in and watching X Factor and Cruel Intentions…

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