If the music is too loud, you're too old.

Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.

Gossiping, tea and moaning. Possibly what the last two weeks have been about. With a social calender the size of a pin and my only glimmer of a social outlet in the form on Andrew’s Lane on a Thursday being snatched away from me like a fat kid snatching cake, I’m beginning to get irritable. 

I have found myself shying away from the prospect of seeing alot of my friends whom I haven’t spent time with in a while mainly because I’m just too fucking tired to fill them in on what in gods name of been doing for the past month, where I’ve been doing it and with who… And in avoiding the ever daunting re-instating to social society, I have begun surrounding myself with people who just get it, who don’t ask questions and just really don’t care what tan your wearing with that pink dress. 

When you spend as much time as I have with certain people over the last three weeks, it has come apparent  that there is only so much common ground you can discuss without straying onto such topics as other peoples common ground… ie, who’s doing what and with who? Drinking copious amounts of tea while discussing Mr X’s latest venture with Ms S’s has provided an irresponsible amount of entertainment… if not lending itself to a very small, tiny tiny bit of jealousy on my side of the tea cup, giving way to some serious moaning. 

I just hope that this growing trend breaks soon. I seem to be capable of skipping merrily down the pessimistic yellow brick road to spinsterhood a little to easily…


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