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workin it.

You have to hand it to Ignored Playaz.. the acts brought over to Dublin to pleasure the bass followers of this city are nothing short of brilliant. Bok Bok, Deadboy, Roska, Oneman, Cooly G, Girl Unit, Jackmaster and most recently, Ramadanman and Mosca. Their timing is perfectly aligned with the acts’ growing UK hype and allow for a night of intimate appreciation in the Underground @ Kennedy’s.

The anticipation of their latest offering, Addison Groove & Jam City is slightly heightened for me after recently seeing Addison Groove at BLOC. His set fits in as one of my favorite of the weekend and having previously read about his explosive live sets, there was little left to the imagination. His name is most notably associated with Footcrab…

“…a track made up of 808-derived percussion of Juke proper and reconstitutes the groove at a ‘step compatible 136bpm, contrasting the 808’s booming potential with hi-pitched toms and rapid-fire samples”.

It’s huge. His 2011 release follows suit wonderfully with ‘Work It’.

“.. a fiery apocalypse of rancid squelch and demonic vocals—the sound of the world ending one destroyed rave at a time. With its toy 808 rimshots ringing out into a vast, foreboding abyss, it’s the reverb that really makes the track, as sounds stretch out and define the gaping chasm.” (RA)

What I know of Jam City, I’m excited by. His recent stint in the Boiler Room was BIG.

BR #46 Jam City @ The Boiler Room

The 2010 release, ‘Magic Drops’ was met with applause …”not sure there’s any producer or DJ in the UK right now who is so skilfully..Make no mistake, he has a blindingly bright future ahead.” (FACT) Described as  “all-body-caressing 808, slide-whistle synth, dry handclaps, a chime here and there—rather than a giant mass of them like “Wut,” its predecessor in the Night Slugs catalog. In a sense, this single turns that one inside out, with a break in the middle for a whiny G-funk synth solo, which is hissy enough to fill the sound field out completely.

“Scene Girl” and “2 Hot” aren’t as blissed-out, but they don’t need to be. “Scene Girl” is a moody instrumental with a sliding synth bass and a nicely deployed vocal sample (“Oooh”) that’s crucial to the track’s construction, while “2 Hot” is a steely grime track with a haunted quality.” (RA)

Need I say more? I would strongly suggest hauling your ass to Kennedy’s this Saturday. It’s good for your health. All the details you need are here.


ah yeah. been a while.

I feel like a broken record. I write three posts, disappear, come back and write another few. But listen. Life as a student/promoter/brat is tiring. So bear with me. There is little point in doing a surge of single posts because much like my interaction with new music of late, it is fleeting. Listen… like? …click favourite….download later. So my blogging is offering you this experience. Lucky fucking you.

SBTRKT – Living Like I Do

I have had this track on repeat. Gets its release on 11th April 2011 on Young Turks.

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Normski Remix)

This is nothing new. I never guaranteed promptness. But I think it is truly wonderful. Subtle energy on an already beautiful track.

GetnLoose Mix – Frankie Bingo

Huge mix from an obvious favorite on this blog. Dublin’s own hits UK Funky, Garage, Dubstep, Grime, Juke, House & HipHop in this solid one hour offering. Download is all I’m saying.

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Moths Remix)

Lovely little remix here from another native, Moths, aka Jack Colleran. Shockingly aged 17, his tracks offer a fresh electronic ambience. This is a brave attempt. The other tracks on his soundcloud are slightly more polished. I strongly recommend a listen.

Untitled w/ Slevarance – Hackman

Hackman has been challenging funky. Lots of sub base, lovely percussion throughout his releases. Find it hard to resist any of his uploads so far. This surfaced a week ago. Bass is huge.

Gucci Mane Ft Nicki Minaj & Pharell – Haterade (Mista Men Remix)

Part of Gucci Mane Remix Mixtape The Burrrtish Edition. Download here.


Mentions of Mumdance and Melé are common on this here blog. Mumdances’ ‘Smasher’ from his Mum Decent Release (on no other than Mad Decent) is getting some UK attention from none other than Melé, who has outputting excellence for many a month now. Grime perfection. This sample hit Soundcloud today. Roll on the release on Mad Decent.

Mumdance – Smasher (Melé Remix)


My head begins to hurt with sub-genres sometimes. And it seems that despite quite a bit of hype, Drumstep is still being just brushed under the Drum ‘N’ Bass carpet and many enthusiasts are refusing to ackowledge it for anything more. I find the intensity of Drum ‘N’ Bass a little much at times, especially in a club setting so I’ve warmed to this not-so-sub genre quite well. To explain…’Drumstep’ has a BPM of around 175 (sometimes reaching as low as 160BPM though) as per the normal DnB BPM. However the drums occur half as much. This makes it sound similar to Dubstep although all the other elements are still follow DNB patterns. Gwan have a listen to some of what has won me over..

Excision Downlink Datsik – Exsistence Vs Reploid Vs SouthPaw – [WhompRat Drumstep Megamash]

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

Figure and Will Bailey – Move (Drumstep Mix)

Kitty Kat by Minnesota


And so the obligatory Moombahton post rears it’s ugly head. I’m not the first, I won’t be the last and by the time I finish this post a new sub-genre will have emerged. In the past two days I’ve come across Moombahstep, Moombahswag, Moombahdeep and Moombahsoul.

If you have NO idea what I’m talking about I’ll slow it down for you. (See what i did there?!) Moombahton (pronounced “Moom-bah-TONE”) was invented by Dave Nada slowing the Afrojack remix of the Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie song “Moombah” to 108 beats per minute. NOW. If you hate Dutch/Tropical House, don’t be put off. Because I do too. But I’ve found a very definite place for Moombahton is my heart/itunes. Here is my version of an introduction.

This was Dave Nada’s first release, an EP titled, ‘Moombahton’, the start of it all.

Dave Nada – Moombahton

Nada’s latest releases have progressed and calmed down a lot since. This dropped yesterday and is rather lovely.

Wonderful Day (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)

Then we have Moombahton heavyweight, Munchi who is possibly the genre’s most innovative producer. I have previously mentioned Munchi for his 3BallDub offering of Skrillex’s monster.
Munchi’s first Moombahton release is still my most played track.

Munchi – Sandungueo

Munchi grabbed the blogosphere by the balls with this Moombahcore remix of Datsik’s Firepower. It is HUGE.

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Remix)

His output is remarkable. I’ll let his soundcloud do the talking. And put my personal favourites here.

Munchi – Esta Noche

Munchi – Hope

Then there is David Heartbreak who is slowly shaping the best of the genres output so far.
Himself and Munchi teamed up to release the Fuck H&M EP which is available for free download here.

Heartbreak & Munchi – Faceoff

Heartbreak’s most solid work so far is Emalkay’s ‘When I Look At You‘ Moombahcore Remix. It’s an absolute beauty and has taken all the filthiness associated with Moombahcore so far and left this…

Emalkay When I look at You (Heartbreak’s I love Moombahcore Remix)

In the last four days he has put out two Moombahsoul tracks which have shredded anything ‘dutch’ associated with the genre and officially fucked it in the bin.

David Heartbreak – Shy Day

David Heartbreak – Grown Man ish…

And there you have it.

To sum it all up and a better introduction to this growing genre, listen to Frankie Grimes’ Moombahton Mix.

two thousand and bass.

Happy new year kids. New year, new post. These blogging moments are few and far between. You will just have to deal.

Onto business. Firstly here is to 2011 being the year of bass. To celebrate here is a round-up of what I’ve been listening to.

Booka Shade – Regenerate (Russ Chimes Remix)

Sabbo-Tainted Dub

Figure – Have You Fucked Up (Punks Get Jumped)

Vaski – Spaceman (Dillon Francis Remix)

Damu – After Indigo

Hackman – Just Want Your Clothes


..listening to Damu.

Beautiful layers of synths, layered vocal melodies bring together Damu’s intense sound. His busy tracks hit quite a few genres from Juke to Garage to House and whatever the hell falls in between.

There is something very fresh here. Read this for an interview from him. And listen.